Sunday, November 30, 2008


I have a baaaaddd case of snotitis. Most people refer to this as the common cold. At our house we call it snotitis. I'd like to have someone to blame but I know a lot of people who have it right now and don't know who to blame.

I made a mistake leading music at church this morning. I could blame it on the fever, or the light-headedness or the "only play them once a year Christmas songs", but it comes down to I made a boo boo. Yes, I've made plenty of little slip-ups before but it's been a long time since I made one that kind of threw everyone off. Oops. I tried to cover but hit the wrong chord and everyone was lost. Including me. I just kind of said "sorry" and kept going. What else can you do at that point?

We have a tree up. Sometimes we think of it as "New Year's Eve fodder". It's a big, fluffy tree that's kind of sparse at the bottom. You know how in the great expanse of the outdoors you wonder if the tree will be big enough and then you bring it inside and set it up and it takes up half of the living room? That's this tree. I said it was a little tall and T didn't think it would be tall enough. Ha! We had to take 6 inches off of it to fit it in. I think we've trimmed it enough that it won't get cedar sap on the ceiling. I think.

The cats are mesmerized as always with the tree and the boxes of decorations to explore. I've been kind of wimpy with my snotitis (where does all that come from anyway?) and the kids have done most of the work. "A" pretty much decorated the house. I did manage to get lights and garland on the tree but no ornaments are on it yet. Maybe tomorrow. One of my Christmas cacti is blooming like crazy. Hit's so purty. I'll take pics when everything gets done and show you the cactus too.

Now I need to blow my nose. And find some meds.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving y'all. I thought it'd be appropriate to do a thankful list for today. I'm thankful for the sun that's out and the rain we had earlier this week. I'm thankful for family and friends. I'm thankful for good food and the ability to buy it and make it. I'm thankful for the time to spend with my family this week. What are you thankful for?

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Turkey recipe

I got this turkey recipe from my SIL just in time for Thursday. Anyone could do this.

Here is a turkey recipe that also includes the use of popcorn as a stuffing -- imagine that. When I found this recipe, I thought it was perfect for people like me, who just are not sure how to tell when poultry is thoroughly cooked, but not dried out.

Give this a try !

8 - 15 lb. turkey 1 cup melted butter
1 cup stuffing (Pepperidge Farm is Good.)
1 cup uncooked popcorn (ORVILLE REDENBACHER'S LOW FAT)
Salt/pepper to taste
Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Brush turkey well with melted butter salt, and pepper. Fill cavity with stuffing and popcorn. Place in baking pan with the neck end toward the back of the oven. Listen for the popping sounds. When the turkey's butt blows the oven door open and the bird flies across the room, it's done.

And, you thought I didn't know how to cook.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Horses, neighbors and good Samaritans on the side of the road

T and I were in the bathroom this morning. I was putting on some makeup and T was brushing his teeth when we heard a car horn. I said it must be the mailman and T went and checked it out. He came running back in and said the horses were out on the road. My dad had a horse get hit on the road one time and it didn't make it. You kind of go into panic mode. I prayed over and over for the Lord to protect them. I thought, I can't see, so I grabbed my glasses and put them on. He was getting his shoes on. I thought, my hair is wet, so I grabbed a hat and we both got our coats on. We ran outside and looked at the cars and at each other. He said let's take Elvis, he's already pointing out (we have a very narrow place to turn around). I asked if he had keys. No. He ran back in for keys and I said to meet me by the barn. All of this was said/done while running around in circles. I ran to the barn and got a bucket with some grain and three halters and lead ropes.

That was the fastest trip Elvis ever made down the driveway. He's kind of low to the ground and bottomed out a few times. Anyway, multiple people had stopped on the road, one of which had driven up to the house to let us know about the horses. A neighbor from either side was already there and one of them had a grain can and they had a hold of the horses manes. The people were stopped in their cars to make sure no one hit the horses. Except for one person that plowed through and took off with their loud car and spooked the horses. Weeellll. Anyway, we got the halters on the horses and led them back up the driveway and into the other pasture.

Today I'm thankful that the horses didn't get hit. I'm thankful for good neighbors. And I'm thankful for good samaritans that stopped and let us know what was going on and stopped their cars so they didn't hit the horses. I'm glad to report that the horses are fine. The humans are okay too.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

"Hopelessness is a disease"

I finished reading "Where The River Ends" by Charles Martin earlier today. It's the story of a man's love for his wife and her battle with cancer and how the river is a gift to both of them, so they take one last trip down the river. Towards the end of the book the character, Doss, is fired up about the things that cancer can take from you and the things that it can't. He also talks about hopelessness. He says, "Hopelessness is a disease, more powerful than the one that stole Abbie's life. Because it affects the heart...There is no vaccine, no one is immume." I decided to not let hopelessness be my disease today.

Thankful list

I feel like I should do a thankful list. Let's see. I'm thankful that the five of us are alive and relatively healthy. I'm thankful for dark chocolate. I'm thankful for wool socks and down jackets. I'm thankful for the sun that is out today and the rain we've had over the last several days. And for sourdough bread. And the smell of it through my house.

I found Misty in a patch of sunshine this morning and it made me think of the song, "I want to soak up the sun. I want to tell everyone to lighten up. I've got no one to blame. Every time I feel lame I'm looking up. I want to soak up the sun." I'm feeling pretty lame and today I want to soak up The Son.

Sanomae's laundry

I haven't posted a "Sano in the laundry" pic for a while but not because she hasn't been in it. This cat loves, loves, loves the clean, warm clothes that come out of the dryer. She roots through them like a little piggy searching out the warmest and most comfortable spot. Then she lays there and snags her claw on anything that you try to pick up and fold. Here is what I found yesterday.
Yup, that's her tail sticking out. It was the only part of her that wasn't covered.

I started pulling some things away and folding them when I found this.
Aww, I woke it up again. Isn't that too bad? But isn't she cute?
We've had a few crummy weeks in a row as far the adoption process goes, or doesn't go in this case. Apparently they can't find the "register" which is the book they need to make our new extract of archives paper. While I'm not that surprised, I am very discouraged, disillusioned and frustrated beyond belief. If you believe in God, please pray for us. I'm not holding up well under the strain right now. I can see the strain in the rest of the family too. Thanks.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Maybe I'm dead??

I climbed into bed last night and snuggled up to T and he flinched. He asked me, "How can somebody so cold still be alive?" I do have a little problem regulating my body temp. I overheat easily but freeze in the winter. The cold hurts. Believe it or not we have flannel sheets, a lightweight cotton blanket, electric blanket that we use to heat the bed up before we get into it, a microfleece type blanket, a down comforter and a quilt all on the bed. It's a wonder we can even move under all that. And we grew up in WI.

I got to talk to J today. He sang "I Am a C-H-R-I-S-T-I-A-N" and the part at the end that goes "and I will l-i-v-e e-t-e-r-n-a-l-l-y" sounded more like "and I will ne-ne-ne-ne-ne-ne-ne-ne-ne-ne-y". It was precious.

I'm planning on watching Extreme Home Makeover this evening. Some people who adopted from Haiti are going to be on. Or that's the change, subject to plan anyway.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Another week, another month, another year

Obviously, we have no good adoption process news. Apparently the person at the office from which we are awaiting the paper is on vacation. Haven't we heard that before? You know how sick I am of all of this. How crazy it makes me feel. How desperate and frustrated. So I don't really need to mention that stuff.

T has come to call these "black Fridays". You know, when you don't get any good news and know that it will be at least Monday before you even have a chance of hearing anything again. The problem is, those weeks become months and those months become years. It's been a month now that we've been waiting on the paper. We're in month 38 of the wait. Over three years. We are 2 months into the fourth year of waiting. How is that good? I don't know. I conceived, carried and gave birth to two babies, and they're two and a half years apart in age, in the time we've been paper pregnant with this child. And we decided to not have more bio children because being pregnant was not good for my body. Ha! Being paper pregnant for this long is not good for my body either.

On to other things. I know that the cats get the "lion's share" (ha ha, cats-lions, get it? See, I told you I'm crazy) of photos on the blog. But here are a few more. They're just so stinkin' cute. Here's a pic of the two that despise each other. The third one was on the other side of the screen door.

Kind of like mirror images, their tails were curled the same and everything.

And this is Sanomae looking cute in the computer chair. She fights me for control of the chair all the time.
Aww, I woke it up. Isn't that too bad?

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Good verses, good song

This has been a difficult, weepy day. I was just thinking, "I just want the waiting to end. One way or another, I just want it to end. I want to give up." I don't know how many times today I whined that God just doesn't care about us and this adoption process. And then I took a look at RHFH blog and she had these verses posted under a pic of a little girl that is alive today because of their ministry in Haiti.
Galatians 6:9 (The Message)
9-10So let’s not allow ourselves to get fatigued doing good. At the right time we will harvest a good crop if we don’t give up, or quit. Right now, therefore, every time we get the chance, let us work for the benefit of all, starting with the people closest to us in the community of faith.

Isaiah 40:30-31 (The Message)
27-31Why would you ever complain, O Jacob, or, whine, Israel, saying,“God has lost track of me. He doesn’t care what happens to me”?Don’t you know anything? Haven’t you been listening?God doesn’t come and go. God lasts. He’s Creator of all you can see or imagine.He doesn’t get tired out, doesn’t pause to catch his breath. And he knows everything, inside and out.He energizes those who get tired, gives fresh strength to dropouts.For even young people tire and drop out, young folk in their prime stumble and fall.But those who wait upon God get fresh strength. They spread their wings and soar like eagles,They run and don’t get tired, they walk and don’t lag behind.

Hmm. Makes you think. I've also camped out on this Dave Crowder Band song too.

David Crowder Band

Lord I’m tired, so tired from walking
And Lord I’m so alone
And Lord the dark is creeping in, creeping up
To swallow me
I think I’ll stop, rest here a while

And this is all that I can say right now
And this is all that I can give
And this is all that I can say right now
And this is all that I can give- that’s my everything

Oh didn’t You see me cry’n?
Oh and didn’t You hear me call Your name?
Wasn’t it You I gave my heart to?
I wish You’d remember where You sat it down

And this is all, this all that I can say right now, I know it’s not much
But this is all that I can give-yeah that’s my everything
And this is all that I can say right now, right now, I know it’s not much
And this is all that I can give- yeah, that’s my everything

I didn’t notice You were standing here
I didn’t know that that was You holding me
I didn’t notice You were cry’n too
I didn’t know that that was You washing my feet

And this is all, this is all that I can say right now, I know it’s not much
And this is all that I can give-yeah that’s my everything
And this is all that I can say right now, right now, I know it’s not much
And this is all that I can give- yeah, that’s my everything
And this is all, this is all that I can say right now, I know it’s not much
And this is all that I can give-yeah that’s my everything

Yeah that’s my everything, yeah that’s my everything….everything

Pretty pics, dark emotions

I was uploading these pics and thinking how pretty they are and what a nice time we had with friends Sunday evening and then I called the lawyer to see if we had gotten the paper we've been waiting on for 4 weeks. We haven't. I'm so discouraged with this adoption process. So frustrated. So angry with God for not stepping in. It makes no sense. Sometimes it feels like a hoax. Or like some cruel joke has been played on us. I'm sorry. I have no theological or philosophical response. I have nothing.

Here are the pics I uploaded. Hope you can enjoy them.

Horses and a donkey at our friend's house.

The bonfire.

Sorry this is such a heavy post. I just feel dark, devoid of joy or hope. Sorry.
10:17-Ok, I'm pretty much over my pity party for now. Pretty much. But remember, "It's my party and I'll cry if I want to, cry if I want to. You would cry too if it happened to you."

Saturday, November 8, 2008

The end of an era

I wish I could tell you it's the end of the adoption process era. But it's not. I'm so frustrated with the adoption process that I don't know what to do with it. I try to "give it to God" but it always seems to be with me anyway. We haven't heard of any change this week. I mailed his Christmas gifts this week for his 4th Christmas without us. I wish I had some philosophical or theological response but all I feel is the awful raw emotion that hurts so much and never seems to leave. Blech! I don't even want to talk about it.

The "era" that I'm referring to is the end of the minivan era. A couple weeks ago we bought a "new to us" Ford Expedition. We wanted to be able to pull a camper some day and Flannery Vandango just didn't have the strength to do that. So we got "Big Momma". Flannery went to her new home this week. It was sad to see her go. I had never wanted to drive a minivan but they are so versatile and comfortable. I ended up really liking them. I kind of miss her. Big Momma is nice but she has to grow on me a bit yet. She's a little quirky. I drove a minivan for the last 7 years. Hence, it is the end of an era for us.

While giving Flannery Vandango a thorough cleaning I found a Hershey's Kiss under the front seat. I have no idea how long it was there. We do clean out our vehicles fairly regularly but look at this Kiss. It had turned into little granular pieces. How weird is that?Apparently, being lost under the car seat for a period of time turns chocolate kisses into dust. Who knew?

This is R's bf as he was leaving the house the other night. He had his Vault in his pocket (like he needs Vault-he's ADHD), guitar, cords, keys, amp. The glow stick necklace was compliments of T.
T fixed up the necklace into a combo necklace and headband and told me to take a pic. It doesn't show up that well but it was funny.

Yeah, we're a goofy bunch.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


I feel like a lot of things in my life right now can be described in one word. Bizarre. My hair? Bizarre. Fibromyalgia and it's effects on me? Bizarre. R having mono? Bizarre. She doesn't even seem sick. She had a couple of rough days but otherwise you wouldn't know she is sick. This whole adoption has been bizarre. From the birth mother not signing papers for us to get into IBESR to the birth certificate being wrong and holding us up for getting out of IBESR. From the file getting lost in MOI and having to be totally redone to the current problem with the extract of archives, it's bizarre.

Last night I was opening a can of tomato sauce to use in our supper and I always press the tops of the cans to make sure they haven't lost their seal. I commented on it being "puffed up" but I couldn't push it in to make it "pop" so I thought it was just "puffed up". When I popped the top with the can opener the can exploded it's contents all over me and the kitchen. Mrs. H was there and she kind of knew what happened because of my comment but T didn't know. All he saw/heard was the can opener start and me yell and turn away quickly. Then he saw the red everywhere and freaked out. He thought I had cut myself and that it was blood. Poor guy. It hit mostly my face and hair but it went all over the kitchen too. It even hit the refrigerator that is like 10 or 12 feet away. We thought we had cleaned it up last night but I found some on another wall this morning. A took a pic of it for me. I know these aren't the best pics but you get the idea.

See, bizarre.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Random thoughts

This may be a random, rambling post. We still haven't heard any good news about our adoption file. Insert scream.

A informed us the other day that her room is the warmest in the house because her floor is insulated with all her clothes.

Are you going to vote on Tuesday? I hear some people say they are not voting because it doesn't make a difference, they don't like either candidate, etc. If that's you, please read this;

There are a few people out there who haven't decided yet who they are voting for. If that's you, or you just want to know what the candidates stand for, please read this;

I got to talk to J today. I sang him a song and he sang me a song. I noticed improvement in his singing abilities. We talked about him someday playing piano, playing soccer and riding a horse. He'd like to ride with R. He also said he's been reading a lot in school but he doesn't have a favorite book.

R had a rough day on Wednesday but took an off and on 2+ hour power nap on Thursday when she got home from school and is feeling much better. She really has never been that sick for someone with mono. She's not allowed by the horses though (doctor's orders) since her spleen could swell and rupture if she was bumped. She's not happy about that but we don't want her to implode.

R's bf bought a little old car today with high MPG's and sold the Jeep to a lady at church. So far, all parties are happy. We'll see how long that lasts.

R, bf and I were playing a game of Aggravation last night and A joined us about an hour later and nearly won the game. Twerp.

Mrs. H is supposed to be coming tomorrow. She is closing on her house here and will spend the night with us before she goes home on Tuesday. We're looking forward to her visit and are happy that she has sold her house. That's the change, subject to plan anyway.

My parents are in WI visiting family. Her brother turned 60 and they went up for the party. They left their dog here so we've been taking care of her. She's a good little dog but it makes me remember why we have big outside dogs, not inside dogs. BB misses her humans and would like them to come home. She does get a lot of company though.

T worked all day yesterday changing the spark plugs and wires on Flannery Vandango. He had to take the top of the engine off in order to change the plugs. Real smart planning there, Chrysler. He got it done though. There were three different kinds of spark plugs on it. Now there is a matching set of 6.

That's about it for now. I'm sure more will come to mind when I hit "publish post" but it will have to wait for a later post.