Thursday, January 31, 2013

Lost in translations-but not from J!

My new walking boot thingy came. It's huge. It's lighter though and maybe a tad lower so that's good. It has more of a rocking motion to the stride than the other boot has and I have to get used to it. I told my mom this and she said, "Be careful, you don't want to fall off your rocker!" Bahahaha!

T came out of our bedroom/bathroom the other day and was complaining about the shoes. He said, "There's like a half dozen assorted left shoes in there to trip over." All my right shoes are in the closet.

T took a pic of me in the recliner the other evening. Both cats were on me. He titled it "Puss-n-boot." Ha!

The dogs are proudly carrying around the skull and backbone of an unidentified animal. Oh great. Trixie is teaching Cooper to be a gatherer. Sigh... Based on the size and shape of the skull I'm guessing it was a possum. Shudder. So. gross.!!! I was complaining about it and T said, "It's better than a live one." Ah yes. Yes it is. Simple mercies.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Weather....or not. Ha!

Apparently we had some bad weather last night, or early this morning to be more exact. We slept through it. My brother and his family didn't. They have some shingle and chimney and water damage but are getting things taken care of. It's supposed to possibly snow tonight and/or in the next 24-48 hours too. Weird weather.

My dad called me at work earlier and said Cooper was muddy. Ya think?! Besides the fact that our driveway resembles the Grand Canyon and we had flood like conditions, Cooper knocked over another planter. And then he and Trixie played in the dirt. While they were wet. Which made them muddy. Cooper is worse than Trixie plus it shows up more on him. His mother is a mountain cur and he usually looks like a yellow lab but today he looks more like a chocolate lab. Gotta love puppies. Their exuberance for life can be overwhelming though.

Dad picked J up at the end of the driveway after school in his new and improved scout. Woot!

Please pray for JT. He's not feeling well. Hope they can find some answers and get him some help tomorrow.

I went back to the foot doc and it's been decided that I'm dealing with a stress fracture and tendonitis. He took one look at my old boot and told me to get a new one. It should arrive tomorrow. At least 3 more weeks in the boot. Makes exercising difficult. Heck, it makes walking difficult.

How about I close with a "lost in translation". J was telling me how much dish soap he used to wash a water bottle. He said, "Just a tad, mom." I thought that was awesome that he used the word "tad" correctly and was excited about that. Not two minutes later he was walking forwards and backwards and saying, "I go closer. I go backer. I go closer. I go backer." Sigh....but too funny!

Thursday, January 24, 2013


Wow! Blogger is letting me post pics today! I'm honored. Apparently my cousin is having trouble with pics and blogger too. Any suggestions?
Anyway, we've been busy as always. We had a nice but too short visit with R and JT. They are doing fine. We are all back to school and work. I'm trying to convince T to do school with me. He has a two year tech diploma but he doesn't have that elusive degree that everyone likes you to have. He's afraid he wouldn't have enough time.
I'm back in the walking boot for a suspected stress fracture in the right foot. This would be the third diagnosed one. Only it's the cuboid bone this time instead of the metatarsals. Just like to change it up for stress fracture variety.
The pics! This year's tree went up in flames incredibly fast. There was a whoosh of flame along the ground and then a very loud whoosh as the whole tree was engulfed.

I think this is the tree and some kind of fireworks. There was a second tree out there but I think they went up together.

We also celebrated my birthday that evening and this is my birthday self portrait.

A totally cleaned out her room and found all kinds of interesting things. J went "dumpster diving" in A's trash bags and found all kinds of interesting things. They were both happy campers, she to get rid of some things and he to find them.
Some of the things A found were two santa hats which I was looking for before Christmas which A told me she didn't have. She also found some old suspenders of mine which J latched on to and even wore to school one or two days. Goober. This is his Steve Urkel look.

Oreo continues to go down hill very quickly. She is totally blind and only seems to hear out of her right ear. She gets very confused and has wandered into the woods and down the driveway. She spends most of her time sitting or laying on her bed. Poor dog.
In order to ease the sting when she's gone we got a new puppy. I know, what were we thinking. But let me introduce you to Cooper. His mother is a mountain cur which is a hunting dog and father was believed to be an aussie cattle dog (or heeler). He looks like a yellow lab to me. He has green eyes.

 Is he not the cutest thing ever?

God made puppies cute so we wouldn't kill them when they do stuff like this. Cooper was a very busy boy. That used to be a chair cushion.

Well, here's to hoping that blogger lets me put pics up the next time I want to or that I can figure out a way to do it when I want to. Because, what's a blog without pics?

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Just busy...

Well I was going to upload some pics but blogger is being stupid again. I may need to rethink this whole blog thing.

Anyway, we've been busy as ever. I was going to do a whole 2012 in review but I never did find time to do that. Sorry. I can't even remember what I had for supper the other day, much less what we did a year ago. I do know that 2012 felt weird. Not bad, just weird.

Onwards and upwards. J is happy to be back in school again. The Christmas break was a bit too long for him and he craves being with his friends. He didn't even mind the homework!

A has not started back to school yet. She is working 2 jobs though.

R and JT will be here next week for a short visit. We are looking forward to seeing them.

I'm still struggling with wrist, foot and back issues. Not bad though. Just would really like some resolve. I started back to school too and am kicking it again. Woot!

I'm trying to convince T to join me in school. He's thinking about it. He's glad to be back to work too. Now maybe we can tell what day it is. He's been helping my dad try to find and fix a water leak. J has been helping them too. It's my job to bring them hot chocolate.

Everyone survived the New Year's Eve party and the tree blowing up. It didn't even really blow, just kind of swooped into flame. Lots of flame. Very quickly. A kept saying, "I'm so glad it rained." Flame travels very quickly and makes and very loud whoosh when it does so. Just sayin'. I have some pics if blogger ever lets me post them.

Oreo is doing ok. Her tumor may have gotten a little bigger in the two week period of trying the antibiotics. So we know it's a tumor and not an abcess. We took her collar off and she's basically happy so that's good. She's such a good dog.

We've had a lot of rain plus dad's water leak so our driveway has been a mess. The sun was out yesterday and it's out again today so that's good. Dad is heading to Haiti today with a group of 12, I think. Keep them in your prayers. They are all excited to be on their way.