Friday, September 28, 2012

Of Kids and Cats

Yes, it's been a while since I posted. Yes, the excuse is still the same. Busy, busy, busy. A works 40+ hours a week and goes to school full time too. Plus she has a boyfriend, who does the same thing. We hardly ever see her. Ah, college life. Those college students like to burn the candle at both ends, don't they? Hey wait. I'm a college student too. Classes are going well for me. Thanks for asking.

I had another MRI on my wrist on Wed. Praying that it's very clear what's going on and very clear how to treat it.

T has had something going on with his eye this week. Allergies maybe but wow, is his eye red.

We need to sell A's old car. It runs and can get you from point A to point B but that's about it. It was very dependable for her. If you know anyone looking for a cheap car that runs, put them in touch with us.

And now, the pics.

This cat... 

didn't know that this cat....

was under this blanket in this pic. He couldn't figure out why that blanket was moving and trying to attack him!

What? So I'm on top of your cabinets. So what?

I just want to take a little nap up here. It doesn't bother me at all if I knock something down.

This guy...

has a birthday this week. Happy birthday to a sweet (most of the time), charming (most of the time), thoughtful (most of the time), young man. Love you lots, J! Even if you are a goober when you take self portraits.

You know I wouldn't post pics without a sunset. I like how my headlights are shining on the road.

Fat cat in a guitar case.

T loves to mess with Diesel's head by ejecting the DVD and pushing it back in with the remote. For some reason this has always intrigued Diesel. And since we're so much more advanced than the cat we do it over and over and over.

Misty wants the world to revolve around her. No computers. No books. No tv. Just Misty. Only Misty.

We have 3 doors in the house and Misty will go out one and 10 minutes later come back in the next one in succession around the house. Then she tells us all about her big adventure. Diesel on the other hand wants to be outside only. If it weren't for food or an occasional nap on top of the cabinets he would stay out all the time. They don't get along well at all. But this morning they both wanted out the same door at the same time. There they are. Left and right. Goofy cats. And Misty came back in the same door 10 minutes later. She didn't even make it to the next door. Good thing I was here to open it for her. Could have been a disaster.

Thought I'd do a thankful list. It's been a while. I'm thankful for this crazy family that God has blessed me with. I'm thankful for access to medical care. I'm thankful for the jobs we have. I'm thankful for music and pets that enrich our lives.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

21st century smoke signals

We went camping this weekend. We had a great time but the cell service was lousy. We did goofy things like holding our phones up over our heads and turning them in circles to see if it would improve service. At one point we were sitting around the campfire and T was taking his phone and thrusting it into the air. We looked at each and laughed. I said, "21st century smoke signals?" and it stuck. And now we have pics, but we back up just a little bit 'cause I had these other pics on the phone too.

Diesel was sleeping on the end table with his paw resting on the back scratcher. Too funny!

You may have to click on these pics and blow them up because they are hysterical (to me anyway). Last week on the way to work I discovered that there was a walking stick hanging on to my car antenna. It struck me as funny and I started rooting for the little guy.

He made it all the way to town and his little antennas were flopping in the wind.

This is the one you have to click on and zoom in if you can. I turned down a road and looked at him and he had let go with all but his back legs and was buzzing uncontrollably in the wind. I slowed down because he had made it so far and I didn't want to lose him now.

Ta-da! Super Stick! I felt bad for flicking him off right after I took this pic.

And in the same vein of wildlife clinging to their man made things, here is a tree frog I found clinging to a deck chair the other day.

Sunset. I do love a sunset.

This is Diesel's "Kitten of the Sea" pic.

Caption? (I said, "Don't make me walk the plank. It was that Jack Sparrow guy. No, no, it was the dog. Yeah, the dog did it! Not me!)

This is where we went camping this weekend. Fall Creek Falls. It was a great campground and such a pretty area.

There were people standing on that rock face at one point but I missed them with the camera.

On the trail down to the bottom of the Falls.

That's monkey boy on the left and goat boy on the right. They ran up and down the trail and climbed rocks in between in the time it took T and I just to get to this point.

A works for a photography studio and is posing people all the time. Can you tell?

Swimming hole at Cascade Falls.

You can slide down those rocks but it's a bumpy ride.

The swinging bridge was reinforced with duct tape. Made us feel so much better.

Swimming hole from the bridge.

At George Hole this morning. That's J and his friend over there on the rocks.

The pics on this phone just don't do it justice.

Some of those holes in the rock face up close. Kind of does look like a face.

Another swinging bridge. This one didn't have duct tape.

T taking a pic of me taking a pic of him....

View from that bridge.

It really is a gorgeous place and a very nice campground.

Th-th-th-that's all folks.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Misty's new pass time

You know some of the dishwasher saga, how it leaked, and we got a new tub, repairman didn't show up because we didn't call to let them know the parts were in (even though no one told us to) then when they finally came the part was damaged and another new one ordered, I called twice to let them know it was here and they still didn't come to at the appointed time. Well, it's finally fixed. We think. (Sears, in case you're wondering.) While the cover was off the bottom for some reason that we cannot figure out, Misty took to staring under the dishwasher.

Repeatedly. Like something was under there.

Mulitple times of the day and night. It became a bit unnerving.
 She creeped us out a bit with that one but the cover is back on and we hope and pray all is well.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


We are all busy around here. That's our normal it seems. It's probably most people's normal. Anyway...just a little update. No big news.

A has her car titled and now it won't run or she can't make it run. I will try to drive it later and see if it's her or the car. Why did she buy a standard transmission when she can't drive one? I don't know.

R is still not driving her car with a standard transmission either. We failed our girls. Ha! But at least we made "trekkies" out of our youngest two kids. Priorities you know. R's play opens Friday. I wish we could be there but we're excited for her here.

The dishwasher part hasn't come yet. No surprise. I hope it's here tomorrow or Friday. Misty keeps staring under the dishwasher for reasons that we can't figure out. It's just a little bit creepy that she keeps doing that.

Diesel is still dealing with nasty allergies. The bottom half of his body is covered in bumps. Poor little guy. I get tired of giving him allergy pills and he's tired of taking them but jeepers, the poor guy needs some relief. He sat on my keyboard the other day and turned it on. Then he moved a little and turned it off. If only I could get the kids to turn off the things they turn on.

It's been cloudy and rainy here the last several days. There have been little glimpses of sun now and then but mostly clouds. Despite the clouds we got my nephew and niece-in-law moved into their new house. Congrats P and M! You have a very nice house.

T has been busy working on cars, working, and helping dad with his boat. I've been trying to keep up with laundry, housework, work and schoolwork. Wow. All that work. We need to relax a little. Maybe the lake Sunday? We shall see.

I've been in touch with the people who are adopting a cousin of J's. We hope their boys (they are adopting 3 teenage boys-zoiks!! pray for them!) are home soon and J can be in touch with his bio cousin. We'd like the boys to be able to get together sometime too.

J is still loving his ipod. So far, every new thing he's gotten after he's wanted it so bad for so long he has quickly lost interest in. Except for the ipod. He uses it for everything including school work. Good for him. He seems to be over his "I don't want to weed-eat funk" but he hasn't had to weed-eat again yet since he got over it. And he's still growing like crazy and eats all. the. time.

We thought Oreo was just getting old or that she was having problems with her hip and/or knee joints but I'm beginning to think she had a doggy stroke or something. She's ok, but not at all "normal". She's 11 so it's quite possible.

Bridget is doing ok with settling in to her new normal as a CO horse. She's had a few issues but R says every one who meets Bridget loves her. She is a funny horse.

JT continues to do ok on his deployment. We don't know when he will come home yet. Please keep praying for him, for safety and physical and emotional well-being.

Well, I think I've managed to cover just about everyone. I can't think of anything more to update right now and laundry, bills and school work are calling. Until next time....