Thursday, May 17, 2012

Bullet points and pics

Whew! We've been so busy. This is J's last week of school since we are celebrating my parent's 50th wedding anniversary next week. We can all hardly wait.

A got a new job. She starts Memorial day. And her GPA is high enough to keep her scholarships. And we think we've jumped through all the financial aid hoops and cut through all the red tape for next year. Woot!

T and I have completed step 4 of our 6 steps needed to get me into school. The camper is gone. Jeep is purchased. Truck is gone (sniff, sniff-we really liked that truck). And finally, a new (to us) pop up has been purchased. We hope and pray it serves our purposes well.

Dad took J and a buddy fishing last weekend. They stayed in the boat overnight and fished again the next morning. The boys loved it. My dad seemed to enjoy it too but he didn't get to fish much for keeping their lines untangled. In J's words, "We slept in de lake."

It finally rained here, thankfully. We needed it very much bad.

And because I can't do a post without pics, here are some pics. You know it's going to be cats and sunsets.

Misty loves the remote basket.

"Does this basket make me look fat?"

Mmm. This is from the other night. The colors were so awesome and this just doesn't do it justice. Remember, cheap phone. My phone randomly deleted a huge amount of my pics. I'm sad about that. But this pic is gorgeous.

If I'm not available, T will do.

Three more sky pics.

We've seen a lot of pretty countryside driving around looking for vehicles and campers.

And lots of pretty sunsets.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

That long since I posted?

Oops. I had no idea it's been that long since I posted. Apparently I'm really, really busy. Two reallys. That's busy.

I went to a worship leader conference last week and it was awesome. We were walking and talking with music leaders/singers/songwriters from all over the country. Like Jennie Lee Riddle who wrote "Revelation Song". It was called "Inspire Worship Conference" and I truly came away from it feeling inspired. I hope I do something with the inspiration before I just let it die.

I've also pretty much nailed down an online school and course. I can't wait to get started.

So, the camper sold and then we bought the jeep and then the truck sold and now we can't find a camper or a vehicle to replace the van. Which hasn't sold yet so it's not that big of a deal. I'd just like to be done with it, you know? But I'm relaxing and trusting God. He knows the desires of our hearts.

T is working, taking care of his church responsibilities and he worked hard on getting things ready to sell. Why do we just "deal with" things and then when we get ready to sell we fix up those things that we just dealt with? So silly. He got a new ipad at work and is loving it. He's such a geek. I love my geek.

R is back in school and takes Skylar to a friend's house in the afternoon while she works. A babysitter for the dog. I guess when you don't have kids the dogs really do become your fur kids. JT is safe and R hears from him regularly. Love skype. It kept us connected to J before he came home and it keeps R and JT connected from the other side of the world, literally from a war zone.

A has finished up her first year of college. She did all right and we are proud of her. She's working nearly full time and still looking for a better job. And of course, she hangs out with P whenever she can.

J is just about finished with 7th grade. We really worked on his attitude at school and he's done so well this year. Next year we will concentrate on getting him to be more responible for his own work and work more independently. Lost in translation; just tonight he opened up a new jar of hot sauce, which is one of his favorite things. A and I were talking (T is at a meeting) and J asks me, "Did you get dis at Best Buy?" I laughed and said I didn't think you could buy hot sauce at Best Buy. A asked him why he thought that and he said, "It says 'best by' right here on de bottle." Hahahaha! Best Buy/best by. So close! We explained that that was the expiration date. He's so funny.