Tuesday, December 25, 2012

More phone pics!!

I don't know what the heck's with blogger. First it will let me post as many pics as I want, then all of sudden it says I have reached my limit, then it lets me post pics again. ??? Whatever, I will enjoy posting pics while I can.
I know you missed seeing Diesel. 'Cause he is so darn cute. I love how cats can curl up somewhere, anywhere, cover their eyes and take a nap! Oh, if I could do that!

And talk about cuteness!! Is she not the cutest thing ever? And if you know her "in person" you know how funny she really is. And how she has so much to say to everyone she meets. She is the greatest cat, but only when she's not trying to attack Diesel for no reason.

Both cats have enjoyed the tree this year and have not turned it over so far. They like getting drinks from the tree too. And sleeping under it.

Gettin' our merry on. I found these Christmas bells where I work. I got a great deal on them considering they are selling on ebay for $40-100. They all work and they play 25 dif songs. The tone is awesome.

Nutter Butter snowmen. These were a big hit.

The "big reveal" for my dad's scout. My brother borrowed it and ended up turning it over and wrecking it quite a bit. He decided to rebuild it into a rock crawler without my dad's knowledge.

Dad said, "That's my scout?! I recognize the tires." He loves it.

Not a sunset, but still a cool sky pic. I love where we live.

With Oreo getting older and having the mass on her neck we decided to try letting the dogs in on really cold nights. They weren't real impressed with the warm house but they did great! Misty is looking at them like, what the heck are you doing in my house!?

Misty loves Christmas and playing in the wrapping paper. This is the "remains of the day".

Well, that's all the pics for now. I don't want to push it since blogger let me post some again.

J did great in his play, as did the rest of them. He's loving his new faux leather jacket he got for Christmas.

A did pass her math class and is thrilled about that. She starts job number 2 tomorrow as job number 1 has slowed down quite a bit for now.

P started his new job and got a pay raise the first day. I guess he's smarter than they thought he was. Yay for him!

R and JT will be coming to visit for a few days in Jan. Can't wait to see them!

Again, Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!!

We have been having fun so far this Christmas. R and JT stayed in CO so they could have a Christmas and anniversary alone together. They've always come here and kind of get lost in the shuffle of everyone's expectations so they are enjoying a white Christmas in CO.

We went to some friends last night, as we've done every Christmas eve for several years now. 14 or 15 years. We had a lot of fun.

This morning we opened some gifts, just the four of us, and then my parents came over for brunch. We are all way too full of really good food.

Now A and P are at his mom's house, T is napping and J is watching a Christmas movie. He's enjoyed quite a few so far this season.

Merry Christmas, happy birthday, Jesus, Feliz Navidad and Joyeux Noel!! However you like to say it we are celebrating God's gift to us today!

Heavens to Mergatroid! Phone pics!

I can't believe blogger let me load some pics. I will have to try again later. After I get some more on the computer and off the phone. Anyway...
First family pic with the new "smart phone". Yes, we are a bunch of dweebs.

J stole my phone at Thanksgiving and took a bunch of pics, which included several self portraits. Here he is with Bampa.

And me.

And we played Quelf. My brother had to pick someone to put makeup on him and he picked P. This is what P did with lipstick and concealer.

My dad got a new saddle for his 50th anniversary. He traded in the heavy one he got for their 25th. This one only weighs 17 pounds.

This years New Years Eve fodder, I mean Christmas tree.

This is fun. I hope blogger lets me load some more pics.

Saturday, December 15, 2012


This has been a weird week. Different work schedule and getting used to those changes. Sadness over the shootings in Connecticut. Such a tragedy. So busy. Parties. Play practices. Work. School.

A is done with this semester. We think she passed math. She probably didn't get a good grade but if she passed it, she will move on.

P graduated from auto/diesel college and starts a new job on Tuesday. We're proud of him.

J's opening night is tonight. He missed a couple lines in the dress rehearsal last night but otherwise did really well. Y'all, this is a kid who didn't really speak the language 3 1/2 years ago. He's doing well!

R and JT are getting used to life together again. They are well.

I finally finished the theology class. Woot! I'm working on my next class already and when I get a chance to work on it, I'm flying through it. I'm just about finished with Christmas shopping. It's always nice to get that done.

I took Oreo to the vet this week and found out she has a mass in her neck. It's probably cancer, probably what caused her drooping eye and drooping ear, and what's been causing her to gag occasionally like she needs to clear her throat. We are not doing anything invasive, just trying a round of antibiotics to determine if it's an abcess. Otherwise, we will keep her happy until she has difficulty breathing or stops eating/drinking. She's 11.

T is working on the scout again today. Tonight is play number one for J and tomorrow morning is number 2. Then we go out to eat to celebrate P's graduation/birthday/J's play, have "the reveal" for dad's scout in the afternoon and celebrate dad's birthday in the evening. See? Busy!

I'm still deciding about the pic thing. There will be a huge post of pics if I ever decide what to do!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012


....I was going to post some pics but google informed me that I'm out of free storage. Hmm. May be time to end this blog and start a new one. 'Cause having to buy pic storage stinks. What's the use of a free blog without pics?

We've been very busy. Had trouble finding time to cut a tree down, haul it in and decorate it but we did finally manage to do that and I was going to share a pic but blogger poo-pooed that. Stupid blogger. Any ideas? Besides the paid storage?

I was going to show you pics from my new smart phone. Yes, I finally got one. Much to my children's delight. The old one was easier to use but there are some features that I like on the smart phone. Like GPS. And a camera that zooms in.

I'm still stuck in the theology class. I hope to finish it this week. I'll be so glad when it's done. It's driving me bonkers.

I've pretty much decided to wait on any kind of surgery on my wrist, even if the deductible goes up next year. And even though this year's is paid. I don't think that's a good reason to do surgery when we're not real sure of the outcome. I've had some improvement with the kenelog shot and chiropractic adjustments but not as much as I'd hoped.

I got bifocal contacts the other day. I didn't even know they had such things. They've only been out for a year or two. They correct far vision in the center and close vision on the edges with the hope that when you look down to read something your lid pushes the contact up so you're looking through the edge. I'm not sure how I feel about them yet. I can see fine far away but up close still takes some getting used to. It's like you have to find the "sweet spot" again every time you blink. Better than glasses though.

T has been working on a Scout overhaul for my dad. My brother does a tv show, 4x4 Nation, and they used my dad's old scout in a silly segment and it rolled over smashing the windshield and other things. They decided to fix it up and T and P have been working on it with several others. The big reveal is in a couple of weeks but it has consumed much of T's time. He's enjoying it though.

J is still practicing for his Christmas play at church. He's doing well with it. He's doing ok in school too.

A is looking for a second job to supplement her other one. She's doing finals right now and then has about a month off. We're still praying that she passes her math class. P is graduating from Nashville Auto Diesel College next week and he's job hunting too.

R and JT are doing fine. R has a 4.0 and is on the President's list at college. JT is getting adjusted back to life in the states.

Well, I have a very messy house, laundry and schoolwork to take care of. Will be working on the pic situation. If I figure anything out I will let you know. If you have any ideas, please share.