Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Finally! Some pics. I'm always happy when I can figure out how to get pics off my phone and actually get them loaded on to the blog. Woot!
The new episode of 4x4 Nation is up on the website and it includes this bit about the Scout Resurrected. Look for all of us on there.

This is the snow we had on the ground the Tuesday before we left for spring break in FL at my parents and T's aunt and uncle. We had some friends along with us and some of T's cousins were there too so we had lots of people to do things with. We had a great time. 

We went to Cowboy Church at Reality Ranch for Easter Sunday.

Where you can see the horses in the pasture behind the preacher.

Here we are getting ready to sift for fossils in the Peace River. We found lots of interesting things.

When the boys got tired of sifting for fossils they caught things with their net.

We went to the beach one day. I was just barely out of the boot so I didn't get to walk the beach but where we were sitting was gorgeous.

The boys were finding things in the rocks.

Then we went to Linger Lodge again. It's one of Al Rokers "Top 5 Weirdest Places to Eat in America." We had to take our friends to that! The boys all ate gator.

Taxidermist stuffed animals are everywhere.

And it's very whimsical.

And very pretty with the spanish moss hanging from the trees in the campground part.

My parent's place is deep in the heart of orange country. The orange blossoms smelled so good! I wanted to bottle it up and bring it home.

J spent some time working on his basketball skills.

I do love a pretty sunset.

When we got home I spotted "Herbie" in a parking lot.

And enjoyed the sunset in my own front yard.Yeah, we get to live here.

I mentioned in an earlier post how we were trying to downsize yet again but something always seems to happen when we try to improve our financial situation. Well, the vehicle we bought to replace the van blew the head gasket a week after we got it. T has had to take all kind of things apart on this engine and has found all kinds of things that were wrong on it. We finally have the right parts but he doesn't have the right tools for working on it the way he needs to. But he's struggling through. Here is a pic of some of the things he's had to take off. I have faith that T will get it all back together with minimal parts left over! I'm sure he has saved us thousands over the years by being able to work on our own vehicles. We are still waiting on a computer for the truck.

My foot is much better though I had a minor setback last week. I still take the boot with me most places just in case I need it. It really does feel better when I'm wearing the boot. This pic is titled "Have Boot, Will Travel" but I look forward to being able to go without it.

Yes, I really do love sunsets.

A couple nights later over the pool.

I started making cookies to sell for our adoption expenses 6 or 7 years ago. I never dreamed they would sell that well. I'm making them in the kitchen where I work as they have a cafe now. I just made 3 batches the other day but a lot of times I do 5 batches at a time. Good stuff!

Well, that's all the pics for now. I must get some schoolwork done.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A couple of thoughts about adoption

J is what would be considered a "poverty orphan", in other words he has a birth mother who loves him but was unable to provide for him and chose adoption. We suspect a couple other contributing factors but it boils down to, she didn't have resources to care for him.

Does living in a more affluent country make us better parents? Does his birthmom love him any less because she couldn't provide for him? These are difficult questions that we think about.

I recently read this post by Tara Livesay;  It brought those questions and feelings up again. I don't have any good answers but would encourage anyone considering adoption to take a look at these things before they adopt.

For us, I just have to believe that we were doing what God led us to do and that He has a purpose in having J in our family. We love him so much and are glad that he's doing so well.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Lost in translation

We were on spring break last week and went to my parent's place in FL. I'll post pics when I can. We had a nice time and also got to see T's aunt and uncle and several cousins. We had been to the beach one day and then to our favorite "top 5 weirdest places to eat in America" and J was telling about an older guy he saw on the beach who "must have been a sumo wrestler" or something. He said, "Dis guy had big muscles. He must have been on hydraulics!" We were all like, what? Do you possibly mean steroids? Yeah, dat's it! Hydraulics/steroids. Not all that close....

We stayed in T's uncle's RV part of the time we were there. One day J and I walked into the rv and there was a terrible smell. J started laughing. He was laughing so hard he could barely talk. He said, "You should have seen your facial impression! It was like dis," and then he tried to immitate what I looked like. I asked him again just to make sure and he said, "Your facial impression! It was so funny." Impression/expression. So close.