Saturday, October 5, 2013

Where has all the time gone?!

It's been nearly a month since I posted last! Oops, I had no idea until I checked the date on the last post. Oh my goodness, what a roller coaster we've been on!

R has been in the hospital for over a week now, with Thing 1 and Thing 2 trying to come out much too early. They stopped her labor 3 times and she has had contractions off and on the whole time since then. They monitor her and the babies multiple times a day. If she can make it to 32 weeks they might let her go home.

Her friends had a baby shower for her today. She wheeled down to a special occasion room where her friends had decorated. It wore her out but she had a great time wearing real clothes and just doing something "normal". She also got to go to a chat session on Tues with the other "ladies in waiting" who are at the hospital trying not to have their babies too. R was one of two having twins and one of three military wives and one of three in the same week of gestation. It's always nice to know you're not alone in a situation and can help each other cope. She is at 30 weeks and 2 days. Prayers are appreciated.

JT has been able to spend a lot of time with R and for that we are grateful. He's done a great job taking care of his wife and babies. He even brushed and braided R's hair one day. How sweet is that?

J is brushing my hair as I type this. He's still loving high school and especially basketball. They are having homecoming week this week and he's thrilled. I remember R's first homecoming week and how  excited she was about it. J told me everything they were going to do and how short his classes were going to be and I just smiled and said, "You're my third child to have homecoming week. I know how it goes. But I'm glad you're so excited about it." J had a birthday since I posted last. He's 16! He continues to do well in school and at home. He's a bottomless pit and will eat just about anything. He's a bit lazy and has an attitude prob now and then, but he's a 16yo boy! We love him dearly.

We (the 4 of us) sat around last night and played games and sang Veggie Tales songs. What  a hoot! We are all looking forward to fall break and the beach. Bring it on!

A got an 85 on her stats test the other day and was thrilled with it. Woot! She likes her classes this semester for the most part. She also likes her job and continues to do well there. A and P are going to join us for part of our time at the beach, Lord willing and the creek don't rise. We are all looking forward to it. I hope it works out and doesn't disappoint.

My dad got approved by the doctors for the cochlear implant. Now he just has to get approved by the ins. We are hopeful that this would open up his world again.

I'm officially a junior in college now. I'm only 2 months behind where I wanted to be. I've done well after surgery and am pleased with it all so far. I was even going to play keys and lead music in church tomorrow but a major water leak at the church this evening has cancelled services. I did play the ukulele a bit this morning so that's good. I'm doing therapy twice a week for my wrist and it's going well. Fibro is ok too but I've had sleep issues and hip pain a lot the last couple months.

I'm trying to go through things and get ready for a yard sale. I cleaned out the game cabinet today. Well, I got all the games out. Trying to decide what to keep is hard. I came across my 20 Questions thingy. Have you ever played with one? It's creepy good at guessing what you're thinking of.

The "Ladies in Wheeling" episode of 4x4 Nation is coming out this week. Check it out if you can at .

So, I think I will end this with a thankful list. I'm thankful that Thing 1 and 2 are still tucked safely inside their mommy. I'm thankful for medical care. I'm thankful for God, family and friends. I'm thankful for a chance to take a vacation. I'm thankful for the chance to "go to college" online.