Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Having a blast

Hey, we're having a blast! New update, hopefully with pix in the next few days.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Just busy

We are doing pretty well over all. Just busy. Had a difficult week as far as child care goes while I'm working. Sigh...hopefully this week will be better.

We are looking forward to a family who adopted from the same O coming to visit us tomorrow. We've talked extensively on the phone but have never met in person. Well, her oldest and J know each other well but us moms have never met. Their file and our file were two of the four that were declared lost in April of '08 so we went through all of that together. We've also seen each other's kids while at the O. Isn't it funny how lives become entwined?

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Another first

J had another first yesterday. He went to the dentist. Under layers and layers of plaque were some ok teeth. They are not very white but they look much better than before. Poor kid endured the whole thing with just a couple of flinches. He has two cavities, both on top but on opposite sides of his mouth. That means two more visits to get them filled and they are large and difficult meaning more money for the dentist. Sigh...I guess after 12 years and never seeing a dentist two cavities is not so bad. That's what I keep telling myself anyway.

I'm still taking cough med. at night. I've tried not to a few nights but I cough too much. I'm still only taking half of the prescribed dose. It's enough to quiet the cough without taking me to strange new worlds.

We are loving Netflix. We're supposed to get the first disc of season one of Northern Exposure today. Remember that show? We loved it. We've been watching Star Trek Next Generation and have managed to make a trekkie out of A. She likes Data. J is not that into it. I think A will like Northern Exposure too as she can be a bit on the quirky side. Love ya, A!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Wow, life is busy

Camp went well for J but he crashed and burned afterwards and took us with him. A and I took the brunt of what he dished out. He still has a hard time with wanting to feel equal to A. It's hard to explain to him that we love them both the same it's just that he is younger than she is and he acts LOTS younger than she does. He has trouble respecting her, especially when she's "in charge" of him. We're trying to avoid that but at times it's impossible.

J had a friend over today and we have to work on some social things with him, like not watching tv while your friend is doing something else. Oh, yesterday afternoon and evening his attitude was great again and we praised him and praised him for it.

R reports that JT thought solitaire was just a computer game until he went to Afghanistan and found out it was a card game. How funny is that?!

A went rock climbing and "cliff jumping" today. She is mostly uninjured which makes it a good day.

That's all for now.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Another li'l update

J is doing well at camp. I keep hearing positive reports about him. On the bedwetting issue we thought he was doing well. But this morning I found some wet clothes in his laundry basket and they smelled of urine. I checked his bed and it was just a little wet but also smelly. I can deal with the bedwetting but not the lying. There's a teeny tiny chance that he really didn't realize he was wet but how can you not notice? I cannot tolerate the lying. Sigh...

A is busy with life and soccer. They don't have a coach at present but a group of dedicated girls are getting together regularly to practice. How's that for commitment? Now if I could just get her to hang up her clothes and put the food away when she's done.

JT is off this week so he and R are hanging out at home and doing some fun things. He found an office chair on the side of the road and they cleaned it up and are using it. Sonna loves it. She spent hours in our office chair before she moved out west. R and JT tell us that "The Karate Kid" is very good.

T is at a training session today through Friday. Thankfully he charged the AC in Big Momma before he left. He says it needs another can though to really make a difference. I'm so thankful he can do stuff like that. He never ceases to amaze me when he's working on something whether it's a large mechanical item or a tiny little electrical/technical item. He wonders how I can spell and remember phone numbers and I marvel at his ability to fix things.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Li'l update

Bronchitis is getting better. Woot!

J is going to day camp this week. He was smiling when I dropped him off this morning so that's good. I warned them about possible fits, that he's reading at a 1st grade level, and that emotionally he's about 7. They said no worries.

A and I are going to "shop til we drop" tomorrow. At least, that's the change subject to plan.

Recent text conversation between R and T; R-grrr, they are bringing a new modem next week. that means we won't have internet all weekend. T-oh well. mom says go to Panera. R-not with the play station. (We thought that was hysterical because we pictured JT at Panera with his play station-funny)

Some of J's "lost in translation" stuff.
aerodymanic=aerodynamic (we're not sure where he picked that one up but it's funny-he's not exactly sure what it means but he likes the word- he'll yell "aerodymanic" and dive into the water)
puddle to de huddle=pedal to the metal (or that's the only thing we can think he might mean)
swimming with a young man-"Why you have cat hair in your armpits?" (this one cracked us up!)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


That's how I feel. I have bronchitis and I really need a chiropractor adjustment. Sigh...but I, I will survive...

A is back from CO. Yay! They had a good time but I'm glad she's home.

J is doing pretty well and funny as always. I wish I could remember all the funny stuff he says and does.

That's pretty much it for now.

Friday, June 4, 2010

A few pix

I forgot to take my camera to my nephew's wedding. And then I forgot we took these pix Sunday night at our house. A's friend E took this one for us.
Hey, how did E get in our family pic? Oh, she's like family. That's what it is. T set up the timer. Timer pix are so much fun with everyone trying to get into place and smile and not blink when the timer goes off.

I told y'all....

he does the "white boy overbite" when he plays the drums.


Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Li'l update

The girls made it to CO almost without any problems. They got lost for a few minutes because the cigarette lighter doesn't work in JT's car and the GPS died but they found their way. I hear there was a speeding incident with R too. Sigh...that's T's child.

I survived my first day of summer home with J. He survived it too. Today we are going to do some shopping. That will be interesting. He's playing the drums right now. And he's doing the "white boy overbite." Silly boy.

All of our out of towners got home okay. My brother and SIL still had some at their house this morning. I think they are heading out today.

J will stay with a friend tomorrow and Monday while I work. Then they go out of town and A will have to keep him next Thursday. Hopefully they will both survive that. Then the following week J is going to a day camp. Those are the changes subject to plan. Semper Gumby.