Monday, September 9, 2013

After surgery....

Things are going pretty well. Much better than last time. Of course theeres some pain but not as bad and I've had no nausea or vomiting which is really good. I used my little "leg squeezers" to prevent blood clots the first couple days. the tubes and lights were a pain but better than blood clots.

I'm in the soft cast thing until the 17th.

Whew! Sleepy kitty, drugged owner.

I took a shower by myself this morning and used press and seal to keep the wrap dry. Got dressed by myself so feeling pretty good about things.

Please keep R in your prayers. She's on bedrest and having some early labor complications. She's at 26 weeks. JT is trying to get permission to not go in the field so he can be with her. Prayers appreciated.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Yay! More pics!

Like I said, I have a love/hate relationship with blogger. But at the moment I'm loving that I could load some more pics!
The Duck Dynasty party was a blast. I hope everyone who came enjoyed it. We had lots of good food, fellowship and games. We shot ducks with T's rubber band rifles, hunted for frogs (egg hunt style) had fun dressing up (P looked just like Jase and my SIL's dad was very creative in his Si outfit) had a bee hive pinata and "blew up a beaver dam" along with anything else they could find to blow up. We even exploded some watermelons with rubber bands.
We had camo cake at our Duck Dynasty party.

J trying out the beards!

A and I had a blast making a beehive pinata. We even made a "queen bee". See her crown? She's by the hole in the hive.

We had some "Uncle Si" sightings.

Korie and Willie were there.

Lots of beards and bandanas.

M looks like one of the lovely ladies of Duck Dynasty without even trying.

There was a frog hunt.

And the camo cakes were made into duck cakes. There were lots more pics taken and some video of exploding watermelons but that's all I had on my phone.

I've been trying to get some sewing projects done before surgery. I made these bibs for the grandbabies, at their parents request.

I also made these buntings....

....and baby "I" tried one on for his little cousins.

Here's J holding I. He needs to practice holding babies for when his nephews get here.

And just because I do love a sunset.

A few pics

Well, I was going to post a bunch of pics from our Duck Dynasty party and some other stuff but blogger wouldn't let me. Whatever. Sometimes I have a love/hate relationship with blogger. I only managed to get a few pics on here before it wouldn't load any more.
J had his "gotcha day" last week. 4 years home! He's doing pretty well. He's loving high school, loving basketball and loving his social life. He's making decent grades but we're only a few weeks into school. He still says funny things in his attempts at mastering the English language. He's also trying to get an afterschool job. Maybe after his 16th b'day at the end of the month. I'm also working with him on trying to get his learner's permit. Ahhhh!!!!
R and the babies are doing well. Baby A kicks her in the ribs a lot and she's hungry all the time. Otherwise things are going well.
T's biopsies came back and all is well.
A is back to school and likes her classes for this semester.
I have surgery scheduled for Thur. I have mixed emotions. I want relief but I just went through this 2 years ago and I know what's coming. Not fun. And I don't want to have another problem right away either. I guess I'm a little gun shy.
And now the few pics that blogger let me load. I found these super cute converse booties for the grandbabies.

This is my brother with his grandson when he was just a few days old. Too sweet.

R's horse Dante getting used to having to forage for his own food. He's doing better.

Diesel sleeping with his tongue sticking out.

The ugly boat looking better and better.

The front yard.

Prototype of a super cool rubber band rifle that T made out of wood. It has a working trigger mechanism. 'Cause he's cool like that.

I will put some more pics up whenever blogger feels like I deserve to.