Sunday, August 18, 2013


Wow, we are more than half-way through August already! I can't seem to keep up with everything. I thought I'd do a person by person update and that would be the easiest for me.

T had a hectic first full week of back to school technology glitches. Things all seem to be working correctly now. He had a birthday since I posted last. He is still happy to be working on the ugly boat when he feels like it. We (T, J and I plus my dad) took my dad's old boat to the lake yesterday and it wasn't without it's drama. It was nice to be at the lake but jeepers, how much time/money can we sink into those darn boats? Anyway, it fired us up to work on the ugly boat and two more seats are ugly no more. Yay! He also found out that he does indeed have an umbilical hernia which can thankfully be left alone for now. And since he was at the doc's office and that happens so rarely they took a couple of suspicious moles off his head and arm. Praying for good news on the biopsy results.

Me. Well, I'm one class away from being a junior. I wanted to already be there but life keeps getting in the way. At least I'm not too far off my mark. I'm gearing up for wrist surgery-take 2- in Sept and not looking forward to it. Praying for good and lasting results this time. I made 4 batches of cookies today to sell where I work. I led music at church the last two Sundays. I enjoy it but I'm glad I'm not doing it all the time. I got two new textbooks. Call me weird but I enjoy getting them. Kinda like a kid with new school supplies. Or something.

R and JT. Yes, they are a set. And they are having a set! Ha! Both babies are boys, both are doing well, and R is doing well too. She's seeing a regular doc who has experience with twins and she now feels much more confident about her and the babies care. The babies are estimated at about 11 inches long and a pound each. They are head down and facing each other if I understand R correctly. One was head up but last week they did the wave across her tummy and now they are both head down. JT recently finished his schooling for promotion. Now he just has to have his time in at his current rank and then he can move up again.

A is working and getting ready to start her junior year in college. I've enjoyed lots of moments to connect with her this summer as she hasn't been gone to either work, school or with P at all times. She is a fun person to be with.

J is loving high school and loving basketball. I hope it continues. He still cracks us up at times. It used to be more with his words he was trying to speak. Now he's trying to read everything and getting things confused. The other day we had been to the airport to pick up Bampa and he said, "What's dat 'super me' gas for $3.59?" I said, "Umm, son, that's 'supreme' gas." So funny! Super me/supreme. So close!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

August already?!

I can't believe it's August already. This is going to be a busy month but hopefully not as busy as July. T has a birthday this week and R has one later this month. J went to school today. His first real day of high school. He's probably playing basketball right now and loving it. A goes back towards the end of this month. She will be a junior in college.
 We have decided to have the bone spur in my left wrist removed and that is scheduled for the first week in Sept. I'm not happy about it but hopeful that it will help and no more problems will come up. The ugly boat is coming along nicely and isn't quite so ugly any more. I don't have current pics of it downloaded. But I do have these other pics!
After J and I exhausted ourselves trying to get Cooper in the car one day we decided that he needed training. Now he gets into the car on command. Except, I accidently ran him over (I think I "rolled" him) and he's fine but he is afraid of the car again now. Sigh...

Diesel doing his "Princess and the Pea" impersonation on the stack of seats from the ugly boat.

We were going to try to make these cupcakes for R's baby shower since she has taken to calling them Thing 1 and Thing 2 but our cotton candy "melted".

Anytime, anywhere.

The epitomy of laziness.

The dogs brought us an armadillo. We've watched too much Duck Dynasty and Man, Woman, Wild because we looked at each other and said, "Hey, we could eat that!"

We had fun decorating onesies for R's babies. J made really cute basketball ones that he free-handed once he got the circle drawn. He was so excited to do this so he washed and dried them so we could get busy. When he pulled them out of the dryer he said, "Uh, I tink dey shrunk." I told him that her babies are really going to be that small when they are born. Here he is showing how small the onesies are.

I did not free-hand these. I'm not that good. I did trace and fill in. These were made with fabric markers. Super easy to work with and they don't make a thick hard surface on the fabric.


Even though R is referring to her babies as Thing 1 and Thing 2 (or baby A and baby B as it says on the ultrasound pics) she is going with a Lion King theme in the nursery. So our friend K helped us with the shower and we made these cute lion cupcakes.

We found Lion King baby shower decor and filled up our cart.

We made this watermelon baby buggy fruit salad.

Here's the table. Thanks K for all your help!

JT's mom made this cute punch.

This is the two preggos. Nephew's wife, M, on the left and R on the right. This was 10 days before M delivered a 7lb 11oz baby boy! R was only 4.5 months along with the twins. Aren't they cute?! My dad was in Haiti or he would have been in there comparing belly size too!

My mom found this great twin stroller at a yard sale and Misty thought we got it just for her. She was sad when it left with R and JT.

I do love a sunset....

...and beignets.

Hey look! We have huge crocodiles in the sky!

We are making plans for a Duck Dynasty themed party. I found these great Uncle Si tea glasses and had to get them.

Diesel is the keeper of the ladder, ruler of all who enter the ugly boat.

Yup, I do love a sunset.