Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The phone pics

Ok, apparently blogger is letting me upload pics again. At least for now. Yay for now!

This is the mess that greeted us the other morning after A left for school. She has a 7:00am class this semester and she was looking for coffee. She finally found it but left this in her wake.

The other morning this is what...

my computer screen looked like...
while I was trying to view it.

Someone suggested that it might be a cat virus...

but I think she just wanted "her" chair back.

We got one of those wii dance games the other day. Talk about funny. Here is J and a friend "dancing".

Diesel fell asleep with his toy the other day. I woke him up when I tried to take a pic but he was actually sleeping with the toy.

See that other little glob to the left? That's a piece of the toy and the floor was littered with glittery strands. Apparently destroying toys is exhausting work.

And this is one of my favs. Took this in town today. Little old lady driving the car. Think she forgot something when she put gas in her car? I especially love that the cap is hanging there.

Still here

Well, I was going to post some phone pics but blogger is being stupid. Maybe I should change hosts?

Anyway, we are still here. Quite busy with school, work and the play but still here.

I have a lot in my head but nothing that wants to come out on the blog just yet.

Really wish I could have posted the pics. Sigh....

We are suppose to learn a dance tonight for the play. That should be very entertaining. I still don't have a costume and neither does T. Hopefully we will soon. I'd hate to be the only lady in waiting wearing jeans and a hoodie.

Well, hopefully blogger will get their junk together soon and let me upload pics. We shall see.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Phone pics and L.I.T.

We have been busy, busy, busy. It's kind of nice to have the play to practice and look forward to. I'm not sure how we'll ever remember the words to the songs though. So far, as part of the ensemble/chorus we've only sung tra la la and yah, yah. How are we going to keep straight whether we tra, la or yah? This time of year can get you bogged down without something to look forward to though so we will work hard to do our best tra la yah's.

Yesterday T and J helped our friends work on the dining room of the cafe they are opening soon while I worked.

A's interview went well the other day. The lady was so impressed with her that she said if she had an opening she'd give her the job and when an opening comes up, A can have it.

Fibro is whooping me again, this time in the sleep area. I haven't slept well consistently for a few months. I just get a good night every now and then.

Lost in translation. This is a conversation we had at the dinner table last week; T-Did you see what the dogs brought home?
Me-That huge bone?
A-I saw that. It's really big.
Me-I don't know what it came from but whatever it was, it was huge.
J-Maybe it's from a dinosaur.
J-We need to get a psychologist out here to look at it!
Hahahahha! Psychologist/scientist. So close.

We have had some strange weather here lately. We've gone from sunny days...

to rain and clouds with a rainbow...

to snow!

My birthday present from my parents came the other day. A ukulele. It's so little and so cute!

Diesel loves to cuddle.

And he's still amazed at the water dripping from the faucet. He knows that one day,

if he just keeps trying,

he will catch that stream of water!

And because this is too cute not to share, this is my SIL's cat, Frito. His name is Frito because that's his fav food. This is his "hands up or I'll shoot!" pose.

And this is his "Ah, you got me!" pose. Isn't Frito too cute?

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

No real title, just some randomness

Wow, I had no idea it has been 9 days since I posted last. Maybe I should do a quick little review of each one of us. Let's see. How about oldest to youngest.

T. Well, he helped me get the Christmas decorations down and was happy to go back to work on the 3rd. He's been working on some computers and tonight is our first Camelot practice. He is going to be a knight.

Me. Well, I've been working a lot as one co-worker has been out of town with a family emergency. And then the store owners both came down with a nasty stomach bug. I turned a year older since I posted last and was having some weird feelings about that but when I came home from work my hubby and children had made a beautiful birthday dinner for me, and my parents and aunt and her new hubby joined us. I was very blessed. And we start Camelot this evening. I will be a lady in waiting. Why yes, some of us have been waiting longer than others.

R and JT and Skylar got back to CO safely. JT is in sergeant school and R is back to work. And they found a TN walking horse for free. In CO. She is thrilled. I will have to post a pic of Andy soon.

A is doing quite well after her tonsilectomy. She is back to work and will be back to school Friday. She is also job hunting.

J is back to school and so far, so good. His attitude is good and it seems like he's reading better all of a sudden too.

The cats are glad that Skylar's gone. The dogs are liking the warmer temps we've been having but none of us are liking the rain. My dad, brother and niece get back from Haiti today. They were on a one week mission team. I think that's about all the randomness for now but how about a couple lost in translations? We were looking at pics of a parade and J said, "What's dat dog? Oh yeah, Bloopy" Bloopy/Snoopy. So close. Then another pic came up and he said, "Hermit de frog!" Hermit/Kermit. So close. And my favorite one was when he shouted, "Chef Kazowski!!" which is what he calls himself in the kitchen. It was the pillsbury dough boy.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Christmas-New Year's Eve phone pic dump

 Happy New Year! We had a nice party here last night with our annual blowing up the Christmas tree. Let's just say this year's tree went out in a blaze of glory. Best one we've had in a while. Big tree, nice and dry, right amount of accelerant, well aimed roman candles. Woot!

I'm not even going to try to recap the whole year. It was a pretty good year for us even if it was on the strange side. You can look back at the blog posts if you really want to recap.

We had "secret church" this morning in honor of all the christians around the world who are not permitted to openly meet and worship Christ. It was a good service and really made you think and to be thankful for our blessings.

I've shared a few pics through the season already but I went back on my phone and dumped a bunch of pics here. This is Skylar with a bow in her hair. She doesn't look real impressed with it, does she?

And another one of Skylar just because she's so cute! We need no other reason to take and post pics of Skylar.

I think this was the night before A got her tonsils out. R won. I wouldn't have thought that because of how much A works out but apparently R is pretty strong from lifting saddles and keeping kids on their horses. Or something.

The cats were not impressed at all with Skylar. By the end of the visit Diesel was playing with her some but for the most part, they avoided her. This was best accomplished by staying outside or up out of reach. Misty was much more tolerant of Diesel with Skylar around, so much so that they shared my chair with me. One on each arm.

JT did a little artwork on J's face. He could barely color it in for all of J's laughing. J said it tickled.

And his contemplative look.

A passed out puppy...

...and a cuddly kitten. Look, he's actually hugging my neck. How sweet is that?

A bunch of us tried on JT's bullet proof vest. It weighs about 20 pounds the way we were trying it on. That's without all the other stuff they add to it. I was supposed to be showing my muscles but I'm not sure I have any. Definitely not anything worth showing off.

And then the guys arm wrestled. This is JT and A's boyfriend, P. P won. Those Coloradians are scrawny but strong and JT gave it his all but P finally overtook him. Both the girls and the guys were kind of "locked" in these positions for a while. It was fun to watch both arm wrestles.

Skylar says, "Hey, that's my dish!"

Diesel says, "Ok, I'll let you have some too."

And the New Year's Eve party. We had so much food and so much fun. And we watched some fireworks.

The kids played with sparklers while the big kids got their roman candles ready. One of the roman candle bursts lit the tree and it was engulfed in this huge flame. It was so hot, so big, and burned so fast that it truly went out in a blaze of glory.

And that's all the pics for now. 2012 is here. Zoiks! Prayers for health and happiness for you and yours for this year. And that even when things don't go the way we'd/you'd like them to that we allow God to work all things together for good. He will if we let Him.