Friday, March 23, 2012

Phone pics

Get ready. Here comes a bunch of phone pics! Mostly of skies, of course!

Sunset from a couple days ago.

We've had some gorgeous days and some stormy days.

Oops, rubber band melted in the bottom of my stove. I have children, that's how.

Wacky the OFS duck coming to remind us....

...that he hasn't been fed yet.

Redbuds blooming. This pic is for my mom.

Stormy sky yesterday afternoon.

And Peaches playing in the rafters at the store where I work.

T took these sunset pics last night...

in between working on his truck...

because the driveshaft fell apart...

but it's replaced and a gorgeous sunset to boot.

The sky this morning...

on the way to school.

And from the barn. So pretty!

And a pink redbud tree. I already sent this pic to my mom.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

More Camelot pics

This is from one of the practices because we all weren't in full costume. It's "The Jousts".


Aren't we cute?

Sir Sagramore loves me!

The cast.

Gorgeous days here. 80's and sunny. I'm working on laundry and trying to get everything together to go on vacation. Only 2 more performances of Camelot! After spending so much time with this great cast it will kind of be a let down. Good thing we are going on vacation.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

A few Camelot pics

Obviously none of the photo credits go to us but thanks to the cast members and crew who took and shared pics, we finally have a few uploaded. This is the Lusty Month of May scene. I'm on the right.

T and that other guy (hi J!) just made a swing and tossed Guenevere from it.

T on the left as Sir Sagramore.

T at the beginning of the burn scene towards the end of the play.

I'm in the blue dress as we sing "Guenevere" to narrate the scene.

"Would the king let her die?...."

T is behind Guenevere and I'm towards the left.

Sagramore fighting the soldiers when Lancelot saves Guen.

I'll add more pics when I get some but that's it for now. Only two shows left.

I had another sleepless, like never fell asleep the whole night sleepless, night Friday night. Then I had to work and do a play on Sat. I did sleep last night though, thankfully. I'm looking forward to another good night tonight. I did get the steroid shot on Friday and I don't know if that contributed to the sleeplessness or not but I suspect it did. 

The rest of us seem to be doing fine. The weather has been gorgeous except for a few storms. Everything is budding. I hope it doesn't freeze now. That would not be good.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Too pretty not to share

Took this pic this morning from my parent's yard with yes, my crappy phone that has like 1 megapixel or whatever those things are. Isn't it gorgeous?

We had a great weekend of shows. T got all his lines each play and I think it got better each time we did it.

It was so nice to be off Monday and just be at home doing only what I wanted to do. The time change has us all messed up for some reason. We are dragging every morning.

Not much else going on. The weather has been fantabulous for middle March, 80's and sunny. Heck, we haven't had much of a winter, period. I bet we end up with a late freeze though. We shall see. It will feel hot in FL for spring break. C'est la vie!

Friday, March 9, 2012

The blog, the play, words to live by

Hey, we are busy as always. I did not get the steroid injection the other day. The doc (GP) didn't feel comfortable doing it so I'm to see an ortho next week. Sigh...

 I wanted to bring to your attention some features on the blog. I usually use single letters to tell us apart. I'm sure anyone who really wanted to find out about us could but it's a habit I started from the beginning and I will keep doing it. If you get confused there is a list of "who's who" on the sidebar. You're welcome.

Below that list there's also a list of labels. Not all of my labels are listed there but the ones that I use the most are. So, if you come here and want to read about our adoption, click on the adoption label and it brings up all posts where I've mentioned something about adoption. Or if you just like the pics, click on the "pics" label. Or if you want to see all the funny things that J says, click on "lost in translation". I'm sure you get this.

I'm going to be changing the "Other blogs I read" list as soon as I have some time. There are some that hardly ever post and there are some others I read often that aren't listed there.

"Camelot" opens tonight. We had our final dress rehearsal last night and even had a small audience. All comments were good. So if you know us IRL get your tix and come see "Camelot". A will be in the restaurant so you can see her too. T and I have no good pics so far but I'm trying to get some pics from others so I can post them.

I'm going to start a new thing, similar to my "thankful list" that I do occasionally. I'm going to call it "words to live by" and will try to get it added to the label list. We all have little sayings or things that we've read or heard or that our mommas used to say or even things we've discovered on our own through trial and error and I thought I'd post some of the ones I've collected over the years. So today's is, "Truth is clouded by our own perception of it. There are some absolutes in life but truth as we see it is unfortunately clouded by our experiences, by the tone of the person relaying 'truth', and by countless other things that affect what and why we believe. Always weigh 'the truth' with those things in mind." Proverbs 12:17 "When you tell the truth, justice is done, but lies lead to injustice."

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Storm pics, Camelot, fibro

We had some bad storms come through here last week. Thankfully the really bad stuff went around us as it often does. It was unusually warm and the jet stream was dipping low and it set us up for some bad weather. Here are some pics that I think I took last Wed. Wed and Fri were the worse days for the storms. This is looking west and you can tell the storms were to the north.

This is looking north.


Here is a not very great pic of one of the banners that A made for Camelot. That bottom crown really is straight it's just that the material of the banner is folded a little.

And here is J helping out on the scaffolding at the Arts Center. He has worked so hard and done so much and he's been very good with watching the younger children.

I have a dr appointment today to hopefully get a steroid injection in my SI joint. I'm hoping that it will improve my hip pain, which will improve my sleep, which will improve my life.

"Camelot" opens in a couple of days. T knows his lines pretty well and we both have our songs memorized to the best of our ability. This has been a rough week but for the most part it's still fun. We had a rough evening with parenting last night too but seem to be working it out. That didn't help the play stuff much but we are pressing through.

R hears from JT some and so far he is safe and they are settling in to the routine of deployment. Please keep us all in your prayers.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Li'l update

Yikes! We've been so busy with the play. This is "tech week" so it's going to get worse before it gets better but it's coming along finally. It took us 5 hours to get through the play yesterday though. Sigh...

T is feeling much better and learning his lines and his "song and dance routine". After 5 hours of play practice yesterday he came home and helped P work on his car. The water pump went on it on his way home Friday night and he and A pulled it back here yesterday evening.

R is ok and JT is deployed right now. He's been gone for up to a month recently so I think the reality of it will hit a little later. Please keep them in your prayers for safety and peace. They are thankful for skype.

A is on spring break this week and is looking forward to "sleeping in" a couple of days. She really doesn't get to do that with her schedule so it's a big deal for her.

J is doing well and so far has kept his attitude in check very well. Even through 5 hours of play practice he never complained and helps out with whatever he can, which is mostly watching the younger kids at this point.

I'm doing fine too. Other than the fibro and crazy hip pain. I'm going to call tomorrow and see if I can get a steroid injection for my SI joint/hip pain. I'm trying to get some laundry done today and would love to take a nap but don't know if that's going to happen. We shall see.