Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Olympics, back to school and other things...

We are having a good time watching the summer olympics. Well, J and I are. T is not interested and A is never here. It's been fun to watch them through J's eyes. He's only been home  for just under 3 years so it's his first time really watching them. Everything he watches, he says, "I want to do dat! I want to be in de olympics!" He gives me a play by play if I'm not in the room. This morning he turned it on and said, "Dey are playing beach volleyball in de pool."

My friend K and I developed our own olympic event. Syncronized noodles.

J registers for school on Friday. I'm loving summer and feel like it's much too early to go back but he's ready. He has not liked staying home alone this summer and is looking forward to seeing his friends every day. A is all signed up and ready to be a sophomore in college. I started my schooling yesterday. T is gearing up for back to school too. Inservice starts tomorrow so they are getting all the tech stuff ready for that.

Please take a minute to go to http://www.realhopeforhaiti.org/ and take a look at what this ministry is doing. They update Jn Edward, who captured my heart a while back. And now Sequam and Saint Vique have captured my heart as well. The ministry that they are providing to the people in and around Cazale, Haiti is outstanding.

Speaking of Haiti, my dad is there now. My mom has gotten reports that all things are going well and it's a good team of people. He will fly back to the states on Thur and be home sometime on Friday, Lord willing.

Please keep JT in your prayers as he is in Afghanistan. He is doing ok but is very tired. All of them are tired.

R plans to move her horse, Bridget, from here to CO. She hired a company to move her and they should pick her up the end of this week. We will miss Bridget as she has a lot of personality. For a horse.

Well, I think that's all the updates for now.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Some phone pics

Well, I did it. I hit the pay button which officially enrolled me in school. It's online through West Coast Bible College. The course is a bachelors in Biblical counseling. I can start soon.

I'm still frustrated with my wrist. It's not working well and the doc who did the surgery last year says it's the veins and the vein doc says it's the tendons. Sigh...

We had a lot of heat here and not much rain but it finally rained a bit and cooled off. We were able to spend the day Sunday afternoon at the lake. The weather was great and we all enjoyed it. My dad had taken J and P out Saturday and they fished and slept in the boat. P and J had wet beds from the rain but dad had his bedding in trash bags so his was dry. They had fun anyway and caught some fish. T, A and I joined them Sunday afternoon and A water skied again. Then we anchored and swam and then we went to the place where they had been catching fish and did some more fishing. Good times.

Here are some phone pics, backing up to just before July 4th. Diesel is still very needy at times even though he LOVES outdoors and spends most of his time outside. He is content to be a little "Grizzly Adams" type cat and would live off the land if he could just catch some birds. I have taken to calling him "Grizzly Catams". Either way he's just too cute when he's cuddly.

Or when he's sleeping with his mouth open.

Snapped this pic on the way home from a Haitian adoption get together. We had a nice time and met some very nice people.

Here is Diesel checking out the cover on the boat.

He reports that everything is in good shape.

J with a silly face...

...and a handsome grin.

We had some fireworks here locally. I was surprised that they still had the show since it hadn't rained yet at this point. But they had the fire dept right there and all was well.

Last week we finally got some rain. It was much needed. J and I went out for a walk one evening after a beautiful rain. The sky was gorgeous!

It's a good thing it rained because all that was growing in the pasture was cactus plants.

We actually had to buy hay for the horses because there just wasn't anything for them to eat. They seemed happy for the rain too.

Misty is still fat and sassy as ever.

Can you see the rainbow?

After a month or more of no rain we had a week or so of rain. This is the pic I took Sat. We had a storm last night too.

Well, I guess that catches things up for now.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

More random sentences

It's early morning and I've already been awake for much too long. Sigh...Misty woke me up and I really tried to go back to sleep but it just wouldn't happen.

J stayed out late last night with Bampa, working at a horse show. Or that's what Bampa was doing. I hope J was helping but he may have just been hanging out with friends for all I know.

A is house sitting this weekend. I haven't seen her since....Thursday?  I think.

I worked in the heat again yesterday. I'm tired of the heat and drought. Please Lord, send some rain and some cooler temps. Two weeks of 100+ is too much.

R says she fell off her horse yesterday and bruised her hip. Otherwise she's fine. The fires were 90% contained yesterday and they got a little rain this week.

I tried to fax my  high school transcripts yesterday. Boy, looking at those was a trip back in time. Couldn't get the fax to work so I will be mailing them. You know, snail mail.

I will be leading music at church again today. We have no ink in the printer so I had to hand write an order of service. Hope I wrote legibly.

We'd like to go camping again before school starts but don't know if we can pull it off. We'll see. School starts so early here, like they register the first week in Aug. But J is ready to go back. He misses the social aspect of it and he's not liking staying home by himself when I'm working.

Payday is coming this week and my pantry and fridge surely need it. We are doing the "eat down" thing, you know, where you eat whatever is still in the house and make very creative dinners or everyone does their own thing. We've come up with some interesting stuff in the last week.

Well, I guess that's all my random sentences for now. I have a post in my head about making laundry detergent. Sooner or later it will make it to the blog. That's all for now.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Some random sentences

JT has been going on a lot of missions. Please pray for him.

R is safe even though she is painfully close to the fires in CO. She has remained ready to evacuate but was always just outside the evac areas. The bears are bothersome as they have been evacuated from their homes too and are looking for something to eat. R and Skylar would resemble an appetizer and main course to a bear. Please pray for her too.

It hasn't rained much if any in a month now. Everything is dried up and the grass is brown and crunchy. Add the heat to that and it's been miserable. We had a week of temps over 100.

J is changing his room around and singing "Feliz Navidad". He's so silly. Now he's on to a made up song about baseball. Must've come across his baseball stuff.

I've applied to school and I've been accepted. I can't tell what the next step is for sure but will work on it again today.

I'm wearing the wrist brace again in an effort to figure out if it's the varicose veins or the tendonitis that's bothering me the most. I'm thinking it's the tendonitis. Wearing the brace feels really good for my wrist.

We've been watching "Deep Space Nine" on netflix. J is really into it right now. He was telling us he wanted to watch "dat franky show". When we questioned further because we didn't know what he meant he said, "You know. Dat show wif de guys wif de big ears." T and I looked at each other. Ferengi's! Of course!

We went to a Haitian Adoption get-together in a nearby town. Loved it! There is such a bond with others who have walked the same path.

Fireworks have been banned in our town. The city is still putting on a show but personal fireworks are not allowed. I wish they would ban them in the county too. It's just too dry to be safe.

J's hair needs to be twisted. Again.

We have had multitudes of daddy long-legs spiders, or grand-daddy long-legs, depending on where you're from. They are a nuisance. Gobs of them. 30-50 of them in a huge, hairy-looking, ugly ball. They hang around the door and fall on you when you walk out. Gives us the heeby-jeeby's.

I'm thankful for a pool in the front/side yard. And I'm thankful for AC and that God created whoever came up with AC.

My sunburn from our weekend at the lake peeled. I am no longer snake-like and still have a little color to show for it. I'm so buying a long-sleeved swim shirt to wear at the lake though.

I put flea treatment on the dogs this morning. They can barely walk for stopping to scratch. Poor things.

Diesel is still dealing with allergies and now it's the congested kind. He's "rattly" and snotty. For a cat. He's on allergy meds and antibiotics. Again.

Well, I must get back to the laundry. It just won't wash and dry itself. Sigh...