Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Trying to find the positive

I've read enough about 5th metarsal stress fractures to know it's not good and I'm trying to work through the frustration of that and another medical issue which has reared its ugly head again too. I have a couple friends who are dealing with as yet unknown health issues and T's uncle is really having a hard time. He lives in FL and all the hospitals are full! Prayers appreciated for all of us.

On the positive side, A got a promotion at work. She is very happy about it and we are proud of her.

We had a good time at nephew's "gender reveal party" last night. They are expecting a boy! They had the ultrasound yesterday and had the "results" put in a sealed envelope and gave it to her brother for safe keeping. They mixed up several baggies of white powder and we all took one and on the count of three poured them into our glass of water. All but one of them turned into lemonade. Her brother was given one that turned pink and one that turned blue and instructed to put the correct one in with the rest of the baggies. So all of our powder turned to lemonade in our water except one turned blue. Nephew and his wife found out the gender of their baby at the same time that the rest of us did. How fun was that? Congrats P and M!!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Waiting to heal

I went to the podiatrist again yesterday. He was perplexed. He said, "It's like your center of pain changed somewhat." He got new xrays to compare to last month's and discovered that the stress fracture of the cuboid is healing but there's another stress fracture of the 5th metatarsal. Those are notoriously long to heal. Ahhhh!!! I'm a bit down today as this is sinking in. I'm to be as non-weight bearing as possible and wear the boot to bed. If I'm showering or not in the boot I'm to be non-weight bearing at all. Sigh....I'm trying to avoid a cast and crutches. Waiting to heal.

On the upside, it's cadbury caramel egg season!! And jolly rancher jelly beans! The only kind of jelly bean I will put in my mouth. And then, only certain colors. The thought of eating any old regular jelly bean grosses me out and I don't even like the jelly belly ones. But jolly rancher ones are really good.

J is getting "almost a B" in math. Pretty much by himself. He had a little help with a couple things. And A got "almost a B" in her accounting class test. I wish these "almost a B's" were on the A side but they're not. But, C is average and as long as J is passing I figure he's doing pretty good and A was really nervous about this accounting test.

R and I have straight As. We're weird like that. It's like our brains are wired the same. I'm still trying to get T to do some schooling.

JT had a birthday this week but spent it in the clinic. His knee is swollen and sore. He's also waiting to heal. Neither one of us has time for this. Please pray for healing for us.

I stepped on Diesel's foot this morning. He hollered and limped away and laid down on the rug. I felt so bad. I couldn't feel a thing through this big old boot. I thought I broke his little foot with my broken foot. He's ok though. Poor little guy.

Today is cold and gloomy and my dad calls from FL saying it's 80s and sunny there. Thanks a lot, dad! But we will be heading down there for spring break. Or that's the change, subject to plan. Hurry up spring break!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Wow, mid-February already?!

I was talking to our pastor's twin sons, who just turned 12 in December I think, and they were telling me that they were going to be 13 on their next birthday. And that they wouldn't be "kids anymore-we're going to be teenagers!" I was exclaiming with them about where has the time gone and one of them said, "I know, don't you just want to slap yourself? It's crazy how time is going so fast." Ha! Cracked me up! I was thinking, honey if you think it 's going fast now just wait 'til you're my age!

I remember as each of our kids went from the time of their lives where time just dragged by to where it started picking up and they noticed it to where it's just flying by. I noticed it the most in J as he went from waiting for 4 years to have a family, in a country that moves painfully slow, right into the rush that is the US way of life. He used to marvel at how fast time goes by in America.

It's funny, he was a "slave to the clock" when he first got here. He had to know ahead of time, what time any event in his life was going to take place. If it varied by even a few minutes he had a tendency to come unglued. Once we figured out that it was a sense of security for him we tried harder to make things happen on the clock and to prepare him better for any variance. He's a lot more easy going now but still does better when things happen on time.

All that to say, holy crap it's the middle of February already?!? And I have one less teenager this week than I did last week. Happy birthday A! You are 20! How in the world did that happen? Doesn't it make you want to slap yourself? It's just crazy. (Ha!) You are a beautiful young woman. An ambitious person. You are setting your sights and going after it. We love you dearly.